“Because of your
Down syndrome
reading program,

my son will enter
I’m really
excited with his
progress.” -J.T.,Atlanta

Special Reads Book + CD Bundles

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3 in one bundle

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3-in-1 Bundle

The 3-In-1 Bundle includes:
– Emergent Reader Bundle
– Primer Bundle
– First Grade Bundle
– Teaching Booklet + CD

Receive the complete set of Special Reads materials: 7 glossy picture books, 10 CDs, 7 printable books with comprehension sheets, full instructions, printable flash cards and tabletop cards for all words. Lead your learner to second grade readiness with this set!

Emergent Reader Bundle

Step 1 Bundle

Enter kindergarten reading with our Emergent Reader Bundle!

  • – 5 Ready-Made Picture Books with 5 Interactive CDs
  • – 3 Printable high Frequency Word Books
  • – Instructions, Flash Cards, and more!

Step 1 Bundle

Primer Bundle

Ready for the next step?
Our PRIMER BUNDLE is here!

  • – Ready-made Picture Book with Interactive CD
  • – 2 Printable High Frequency Word Books
  • – Instructions, Flash Cards and more!

First Grade Bundle


Rock on to First Grade!

  • – Ready-made Picture Book with Interactive CD
  • – 2 Printable High Frequency Word Books
  • – Instructions, Flash Cards and more!
  • – Includes Comprehension Worksheets.


Natalie Hale

Founder, Special Reads for Special Needs

• National/International Speaker
• Award Winning Author
• Reading Educator & Consultant
• Reading Program Developer

Energize and inspire your audience at your next conference, parent or educator group with Natalie’s practical and proven methods for teaching learners with Down syndrome to read!

Whole Child Reading, A quick-start guide to teaching students with down syndrome and other developmental delays by Natalie Hale.NEW! – Whole Child Reading

Our long-awaited Quick-Start Teaching Guide is here! Small and straightforward, this easy-to-use guide was written for today’s uber-busy parents and educators. This is a book that belongs on every parent’s kitchen table and every primary educator’s desk, well-worn and bookmarked.

Oh, Brother!

Oh! Brother

For Sibs!
A funny, frank, and enormously helpful book just for siblings. A great book from the American Psychological Association.
By Natalie Hale


Praise for Natalie

Children Photos

“I was just at the Educational Therapists Convention in California and bought your Emergent Reader (Pre-Primer) CDRom. I showed it to a first grade student today who loved it! The clarity and simplicity and repetition are perfect for reinforcing basic words. I would like to order the rest of the series as soon as they’re ready.”

S.M., Illinois

“My daughter is 8, has Down syndrome, and has been slowly learning sight-words for about a year in first grade. On Sunday, I read your instructions and started “Fast Flashing” the words for the book “Spaghetti!”. By Tuesday, she said the words before I did when I showed her the cards– so I gave her the book. She read it…she loves it!!!!

Thank you. It is so exciting to find something that ‘turns the key’.”
T.A., New York

“I have two boys with Down syndrome. Mendy (13) LOVES your books and reads them over and over for his reading tutor (he even prefers them over Super Heroes). ‘I want Pizza’ is perfect for Yitzi (13), and now he sight-reads many more words than before. Since they love your books, I was wondering what to order from your site next…”

C.L., Maryland

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