The IDEAL partner for this Reading Bundle is OUR NEW BOOK, “Whole Child Reading: A Quick-Start Guide to Teaching Learners with Down Syndrome and Other Developmental Delays.” It’s all the guidance you need!

Our EMERGENT READER BUNDLE is the first step on the road to Literacy

Our two-pronged approach combines three Pre-Primer Dolch List Books with 5 appealing Reading Picture Books and their companion CDs.

Especially when Down syndrome is in the teaching mix, we understand the essential need to engage the student’s interest first before teaching. When the interest is engaged, the emergent reader’s willingness is on board and we’re set to go if we’ve got best practice materials. This Bundle is the answer to both needs.

Super High Interest Books
First is the high-interest component: the EMERGENT READER BUNDLE contains 5 Reading Picture Book/CD sets**, all focused on favorite kid foods, including pizza, ice cream, and spaghetti. Each book is accompanied by its own CD containing an e-Book, printable flash cards, language and literacy support games designed by a Speech/Language Pathologist, and more.

We recommend that you let the child select the first book he wants to learn; give him a choice and his interest will be engaged from the start. Using that book’s own CD, print the flash cards and follow the teaching instructions (hard copy included) for using the highly effective “Fast Flash” Method.

High Frequency Word Books
Now we get to the scholastic essentials, which is the Pre-Primer Dolch List. This list of 40 words is sequentially taught across three printable books.

CD contains printable .PDF files* for:

  • Picture Book: I SEE
  • Picture Book: LOOK
  • Picture Book: I SAID
  • LARGE FLASH CARDS for all words in both books, including both high frequency words and high interest words
  • TABLETOP CARDS for teaching and building new sentences from the books’ total vocabulary

When a student has mastered this set, s/he is ready to move on to our next step, the PRIMER BUNDLE.

*MAC/PC compatible.
**Interactive CDs are PC-compatible; Mac users, though unable to access the interactive features, will be able to access and print the flash cards (in either black or red), flash card reverse sides in a smaller font, and a handwriting sheet for practice of the book’s essential words.

Super High Interest Books

more details and sample pages

High Frequency Word Books

sample printable books and flash cards


What our customers say:

“Thanks for such ingenious products.”

-D.B., Georgia

“We LOVE these books! My son, just turned 7, has Down syndrome, and we homeschool. He has learned all of the words in the three books we have, and enjoys reading them to me so much. Thank you very much for such wonderful products.”

-J.L., New Hampshire