The IDEAL partner for this Reading Bundle is OUR NEW BOOK, “Whole Child Reading: A Quick-Start Guide to Teaching Learners with Down Syndrome and Other Developmental Delays.” It’s all the guidance you need!

The SECOND exciting step in our Special Reads Program is here!

This PRIMER BUNDLE is now ready for graduates who have already mastered our EMERGENT READER BUNDLE.

This bundle teaches the next required word list, the 52-word High Frequency List (Dolch List). The printable books RIDDLE BOOK 1 and RIDDLE BOOK 2 combine to teach all 52 words on this next required list, along with high-interest words. Does your child know what a riddle is? By the end of Book 1, the answer will be “Yes!”

As always, our books and materials are carefully designed to compensate for learning weaknesses inherent in Down syndrome, as well as appealing to our children’s innate and irrepressible sense of pure fun.

Our new PRIMER BUNDLE is two-pronged, a balanced and entertaining mix of required word lists and fun.

Primer BundleHigh Frequency Word Books
Two printable books and learning materials are included on the Primer Level CD*:

  • Picture Book: RIDDLE BOOK 1
  • Picture Book: RIDDLE BOOK 2
  • LARGE FLASH CARDS for all words in both books, including both high frequency words and high interest words
  • TABLETOP CARDS for teaching and building new sentences from the books’ total vocabulary

The two printable books can also be taught from a computer screen, as the PDF files can be scrolled and the book read in that way. But we encourage you to print and bind the two picture books (easily done at any office supply store), as learning is easier, more effective, and faster with a physical book in hand.

First Grade Reading BundleSuper High Interest Books
PEANUT BUTTER PARTY Ready-Made Picture Book and companion interactive CD**.

A child begins her peanut butter party well enough, but eventually the peanut butter finds its way onto everything and the inevitable happens…a bath!

*Required Component CD is Mac/PC compatible.

**Interactive features on the Fun Component CD are PC-compatible (including literacy and language games). Mac users, though unable to access the interactive features, will be able to access and print the Flash Card fronts (in either black or red ), Flash Card reverse sides in a small font, and a Handwriting Sheet for practice of the book’s essential words.

High Frequency Word Books

PRIMER BUNDLE sample printable books and flash cards

sample printable books and flash cards

Super High Interest Books

more details and sample pages

What our customers say:

“It’s quite difficult to find books for my daughter that have an interesting subject, are easy to read, visually uncluttered, and still aren’t baby-ish. So keep writing!”

– M.J., Sweden

“I can’t imagine anyone who works with your materials not being thrilled with them. My students love them.”

– D.O., Speech Language Pathologist, Ohio