For 20 years, Special Reads for Special Needs has been serving schools and families with a reading program designed specifically for learners with developmental delays, including Down syndrome and autism. 

Successfully implemented across the United States and around the world (23 countries at last count), we offer FREE SHIPPING within the United States. 

“I’m amazed that my students picked up decoding naturally after starting your Emergent Bundle! My principal and Special Ed director are also highly impressed…the inclusion teacher told me some of my students (self-contained life skills) have surpassed hers in Gen Ed classes in reading!” –C.M., TX


Our Complete Reading Program now includes a Comprehension Evaluation Series!

Our new, expanded Complete Program includes books, flash cards, comprehension evaluation, and full instructions for teaching Emergent, Primer, and First Grade Levels.

  • 7 Glossy Picture Books
  • 11 High-Frequency Books covering all 3 levels
  • High-Frequency Flash Cards
  • Whole Child Reading textbook
  • Parent & Educator Guide for Teaching and Testing
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Comprehension Evaluation Series: Pre-Primer/Emergent, Primer, and First Grade Levels

Lead your learner from zero to second-grade reading readiness with this set! Includes Emergent, Primer, and First Grade Levels.


Our Emergent Reader Level now includes a Comprehension Evaluation Book!

No matter the age, this newly expanded Emergent Bundle will get a future reader started!

  • 5 Glossy Picture Books
  • 3 Emergent High-Frequency Books
  • 1 Set High-Frequency Flash Cards
  • Whole Child Reading textbook
  • Educator’s Guide for Teaching and Testing
  • Quick Start Guide
  • NEW Comprehension Evaluation Book, Emergent/Pre-Primer Level


Our Primer Level Bundle now includes a Comprehension Evaluation Book!

Regardless of age, this expanded Primer Bundle is the next step toward independent reading! All books progress sequentially.

  • 1 Glossy Picture Book
  • 4 Primer Level High-Frequency Books
  • Whole Child Reading textbook
  • Educator’s Guide for Teaching and Testing
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • 1 Set High-Frequency Flash Cards
  • NEW Comprehension Evaluation Book, Primer Level


Our First Grade Bundle now includes a Comprehension Evaluation Book!

This is the last step before reaching second grade reading readiness! Fun, entertaining, and sequentially planned teaching achieves success.

  • 1 Glossy Picture Book
  • 3 High-Frequency Books
  • Whole Child Reading textbook
  • Educator’s Guide for Teaching and Testing
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • High Frequency Flash Cards, First Grade Level
  • NEW Comprehension Evaluation Book, First Grade Level

“I purchased your Emergent Reader Bundle, and my students made huge progress quickly…Since using your materials, they suddenly started blending and decoding…The parents are thrilled! Some of them cried when they first heard their child read. Thank you!” -C.M., Texas

“Thank you thank you!!! My first grader (with Down syndrome) received an Accelerated Reader award usually given to second-to-fourth graders. I cried while I filmed him walking down the aisle while the students chanted his name…Natalie, your program made this possible! I used your program the summer before Kinder, and he went into Kinder reading…We absolutely love and adore your program, and it truly, truly works!” -J.K., Florida


Natalie Hale
Natalie Hale - Awards

Founder, Special Reads for Special Needs
  • National/International Speaker
    • -NDSC
    • -NADS
    • -NDSS
  • Award Winning Author
  • Reading Educator & Consultant
  • Reading Program Developer

Energize and inspire your audience at your next conference, parent or educator group with Natalie’s practical and proven methods for teaching learners with Down syndrome to read!

Whole Child Reading: Go in through the Heart, Teach to the Brain!

Whole Child Reading, A quick-start guide to teaching students with down syndrome and other developmental delays by Natalie Hale.

This is your essential Quick-Start Teaching Guide for reading. Reader-friendly, short, and to the point, this guide was written for today’s uber-busy parents and educators. This is a book that belongs on every parent’s kitchen table and every primary educator’s desk, well-worn and bookmarked.

What Customers Say…

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“We have been using your Special Reads for Special Needs program at Notre Dame School since November 2016 and we LOVE this program! It has been a joy to watch our students learn new words and become more interested in books! Before this program, one non-verbal student was unable to read simple words, and now she is reading not just words but BOOKS! We love how the pictures are so vibrant in color, and they really are self-explanatory due to how specific the graphics are. Thank you for creating such an amazing resource that can allow ALL students to learn how to read.”  – C., K., & M., Canada

“I just purchased “Whole Child Reading.”  I also  have “Down Syndrome Parenting 101” ( love it!). We have your Emergent and Primer Reading Bundles.  My son (7, Down syndrome) has had NO interest in reading but is responding well to your program. We started it a little over a month ago and he’s getting it! Thank you so much.” –J.C., Arkansas

“I’m a special education teacher teaching 4-5th grades. I got “Whole Child Reading,” and I couldn’t put it down. I have actually had 5 others from our building buy it as well. One was our school psychologist…she loves anything having to do with the function of the brain. I have the book dog-eared, highlighted and have changed how I do things with my kiddos. Your book is truly the best thing I, as a special education teacher, have read in a very long time. It makes sense!!!!” – C.H., Oklahoma

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