Reading Bundles

Ideal for both inclusive and special education classrooms as well as home schoolers, the Reading Bundles give you everything you need to get started, from Emergent Reader, Primer, to First Grade. All 3 Reading Bundles are offered as an inclusive bundle.

DS Teaching Reading, DS Parenting, Siblings, Money Management for Teens

Books for educators, parents and siblings are in this section. Our new book on teaching, Whole Child Reading, is a great quick-start guide for both parents and educators. Our Down Syndrome Parenting 101 book is a must for parents, and covers birth to independent living. Siblings of children with developmental delays need extra help and encouragement; our upbeat Oh, Brother! book provides that and much more. Plus: money management for our teens and young adults turns into fun with our colorful workbook.

Lotto Reading Games

These high-quality lotto boards and cards are ideal for teaching, testing, and engaging our nonverbal or very young emergent readers. Full instructions for teaching and testing are included, along with a link to Natalie’s demo video of using the games.

Special Reads en Español

Es un gusto anunciar el lanzamiento de nuestro programa de literatura básico en Español! Los niveles de Pre-primario, Primario y Primer Grado están compilados en 3 CDs y pueden ser enviados a cualquier parte del mundo.

Individual Reading Books

Our Special Reads format is designed specifically to help learners with Down syndrome, Autism, and PDD succeed quickly in learning to read. Quick success builds both confidence and the love of reading.