Our Comprehension Evaluation Series is the latest addition to our Down syndrome reading program, and is a literacy dream: no verbal ability is required to complete these, and yet the series tests the first 3 levels of the Dolch high frequency word lists.

Students with Down syndrome or autism will find it easy to complete these comprehension tests. The first 3 Dolch Word Lists are covered: Pre-Primer (Emergent), Primer, and First Grade literacy levels.

This series is designed to be used with our High Frequency Picture Books, which are included in all of our Down syndrome reading bundles.

This Comprehension Series can also be used independently of our Down syndrome reading program, though students may not know the high interest words taught in our books (pizza, dog, etc.).

Comprehension Series Book Covers

Each level increases in difficulty; students in the first two Dolch levels are asked to silently read the sentence and mark or circle the correct picture.

At the advanced first grade level, two versions of each test are given: the first is color coded to show the answer to what is usually a “wh” question; the second version is without color. In this way, the first grade tests train the learner in referential comprehension: the student learns to refer back to the text to find the answer.