Down Syndrome Parenting 101: Must-Have Advice for Making Your Life Easier

by Natalie Hale
foreword by Martha Beck

Winner of Best Special Needs Parenting Book 2012, Reader’s Choice Award.




Down Syndrome Parenting 101 is an inspiring guidebook from cradle to independent living. Written in a reader-friendly voice, it delivers hilarity, information, tools, and heart-opening examples to encourage parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, and anyone who has a person with Down syndrome in their lives.

“By far the best book…a treasure”

“Amazing resource! This is, by far, the best, most helpful book I have read on Down syndrome–and I’ve read a fair number. I originally found this book at the library and before I was finished reading it, I purchased a copy for my family and one for my daughter’s school…This book is a treasure. I’m grateful to have found it.”

“This book has it in spades!!”

“Best book for new parents out there! I LOVE THIS BOOK!!… Like a warm hug, this book made me feel at home. Natalie writes not just to inform, but to enthusiastically guide new parents into the extraordinary worlds of our amazing children. It promotes precisely the sort of celebration I feel every day. We are so incredibly blessed to be this wonderful little person’s parents I desperately needed to see someone reflect that experience in the literature. This book has it in spades!!”


Just a few chapters in, and I am laughing out loud and crying! Awesome!”
-C.O., VA

“Best Down syndrome book EVER”

“Best Down Syndrome book EVER…Note: New Parents with Down syndrome: You should read this book first. You will thank her for all the great advice. I do.”

“This book is a GEM”

“I’ve read them all, but this one is GREAT! From day one I read many, many books that were available concerning Down Syndrome. Many were good, but this book is a GEM. It is grounding, uplifting, funny, serious and SMART! I heartily recommend this book to new and seasoned parents of children with Down syndrome. It is uplifting and encouraging to new parents and puts the seasoned parents (with busy life schedules) “back on track” to what life is about. And BRAVO to Ms. Hale for making writing seem so easy! And–just for the record–I found this book on Amazon and was reluctant to buy it, as I’ve read so many already… but so glad I got it! Thank you Ms. Hale! Warm regards to you and your family!”

“Like having coffee with a trusted friend”

“When our son was born, we bought every book about Down syndrome that we could find.  Eight years later, this is the only one that STILL sits on my bedside table. Reading this book is like having coffee with a trusted friend who has already walked your same path.”
-C.P., OR

More About Down Syndrome Parenting 101
Throughout the book, Natalie Hale draws upon her personal experience raising her son, now in his 30s, as well as insights and stories gathered from many years of teaching individuals with Down syndrome. The author–equal parts mentor, humorist, enthusiast, and realist–takes readers by the hand and walks them through the various life stages. Helpful sidebars give quick looks at resources, definitions, and tools for the journey.

Chapters are short, a plus for busy parents, and can be read individually or sequentially. Throughout, many characters appear–the author’s son, friends, and students–adding to the richness of the parenting experience and expanding the reader’s understanding of the journey. Turn to this upbeat book for advice and for those times when you need someone walking beside you to encourage you, give you tips, and point you in a helpful direction.

“One of my favorite books of all time…I’ve purchased it 13 times”

“One of my favorite books of all time is ‘Down Syndrome Parenting 101’ by Natalie Hale. Just for fun I counted how many times I’ve purchased this book – 13 times.
I buy it and hand it out; it’s just so darn good. I have a notebook of books I’ve read where I note insightful sentences. I had to write out 5 pages of notes from Natalie’s book. There is very valuable information…but here’s the sentence that made me stop in my tracks, from page 57: ‘At some point, parents of little humans with Down syndrome reach a humbling realization: our children can see, sense, do, and know things that we can’t.’”
-C.P., Canada

“EXACTLY what I needed”

“I just finished reading your book for the first time. I love it and plan on reading it again. However, I will have to wait my turn, because my husband wants to read it too! Thank you so much for writing what you wrote! It was EXACTLY what I needed. I could write a novel of ‘thank you’s and gratitude to you, but I’ll just say THANK YOU!”

“This is THE BEST book!”

“This is THE BEST book! I bought it for the grandparents and my sons teachers. It is an “Aha” moment for families and care takers and educators of kids with Down syndrome. Thank you Natalie. xx”

“Hilarious, comforting, and inspiring”

“Natalie Hale combines extensive research and personal knowledge to give practical, real-world advice. Her style is honest and funny, and the stories she shares are hilarious, comforting, and inspiring. Through her writing, I have learned to understand Down syndrome. She has helped me to be a stronger and more confident parent. More importantly, she has helped me to understand the incredible gifts that Down syndrome has brought to our family and the unlimited potential for my child’s future.”
-C.P., OR