Oh Brother!: Growing Up With a Special Needs Sibling

by Natalie Hale

$10.95 – Paperback     

$12.95 – Hardbound    

Being the brother or sister of a child with special needs can have significant challenges. And Becca has some great ideas for dealing with them–after she accepts that she can’t send her borther Jonathan to another planet!

In this helpful book based on the experiences of a real-life family, Becca’s story and her kid-tested solutions are an inspiration to special families everywhere. Available in hardbound and paperback.

Appropriate for: Parents, Siblings ages 7 -13.

What Our customers say …

“I went to your presentation yesterday in Manchester, NH and bought “Oh Brother” for my twelve year old son to read. He DEVOURED it. And then we had a great conversation. Today he said it “inspired” him. Thank you!”
-MS, New Hampshire

“My son Jamie is struggling with issues concerning his brother, who has the dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and Autism. We had hardly gotten through the first chapter when Jamie’s jaw dropped and he said, ‘There are other kids just like me going through the same stuff!’ It has already been therapeutic for both of us.”
-R.T., Ohio