The Little Star’s Journey: A Fairy Tale for Survivors of All Kinds

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Written and Illustrated by Natalie Hale…
A story of courage, endurance, and unconditional love.

An excellent therapeutic tool for abuse recovery or trauma recovery, this book is a gift to survivors of difficulties of all kinds, whether it be childhood abuse or parents’ divorce. It is a story of courage, endurance, and unconditional love.

As the Little Star travels through many perils on a journey toward wholeness, the reader does as well, and is left with an inspiring answer to that most difficult question, “Why me? Why did this have to happen to me?”

A deeply moving allegory, The Little Star’s Journey will hearten anyone struggling with seemingly insurmountable obstacles in daily life.

Appropriate for: Ages 7 – Adult.

What Our Reviews and Readers Say …
“I would recommend this book to survivors of all ages. It provides comfort, insight, and a feeling of hope…The healing metaphor of Little Star will provide encouragement, comfort and strength to many.”
–Donald N. Duquette, Director,
Child Advocacy Law Clinic, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

“A beautifully illustrated allegory, “The Little Star’s Journey” demonstrates how to find strength within, even in the worst of circumstances. It is a quick but powerful read.” —
–Cincinnati City Beat

“A very powerful impact.”
–The Cincinnati Post

“I just love this book for myself. And I have given 5 away as gifts! They have all been received with gratitude and praise for the book.There is a lot of wisdom hidden in the story, apart from the more obvious tale of conquering fear and despair. A great little book!” -A reader in Australia, Amazon

“I have shared The Little Star’s Journey with several therapist friends. They love it and want to use it in their practices to keep in the office and to give to clients. Even, I, a person with no major ‘issues’, am comforted by reading this beautiful little book.” -D.D., Amazon

“A moving allegory…A lovely and uplifting tale for anyone who needs encouragement and hope.”
–Crazy Ladies’ Bookstore

“Beautifully illustrated, “The Little Star’s Journey” will provide comfort to many.”
–Many Voices Newsletter