National and International Speaker

A national and international speaker on the topic of teaching reading to learners with Down syndrome and other developmental delays since 1992, Natalie has inspired audiences across the country as well as across Atlantic in India and Bulgaria, and above our Northern border in Canada.

Known as an inspiring and practical speaker, Natalie is intent on firing up her audience with a “can do” attitude, then giving them the tools to immediately put into practice what they’ve learned. Her belief that children, teens, or adults with Down syndrome can learn is contagious, especially when best practices are outlined and effective resources given.

Natalie began speaking on reading to Down syndrome parent groups in 1992 out of astonishment and passion. Astonishment that parents and educators didn’t already have the information they needed to teach reading easily to children with Down syndrome, and passion for both reading and teaching.

National Conference Invitations
As Natalie’s reputation grew, she was invited to speak to small and large groups across the country, which included invitations to speak at conferences of the National Down Syndrome Congress, the National Association for Down Syndrome, the National Down Syndrome Society, and the International Mosaic Down Syndrome Association. Later, invitations came from Canada, India, and Bulgaria (where her book “Whole Child Reading” has been translated into Bulgarian.)

Any group or organization interested in bringing Natalie in for workshops can contact her at She’ll reply to you directly.

Of all the sessions I attended at our National Conference, yours was my favorite. I was able to go home and put some of your ideas to work right away.” -J.T., Oklahoma


Natalie offers two primary topics that can be customized for your group.

“Whole Child Reading: Meet Their Need and They Will Read”

Working from the methodology of “go in through the heart and teach to the brain,” Natalie customizes this topic for educators, administrators, parents and others.

“Down Syndrome Parenting 101: Must-Have Advice for Making Your Life Easier”

Parenting from toddlerhood through adult independent living, with a focus on noncompliance, based on her award-winning book, “Down Syndrome Parenting 101: Must-Have Advice for Making Your Life Easier”

For additional information on speaking arrangements,

write or call (408) 438-3268.

Praise for Natalie’s Workshops and Presentations

“I just wanted to share a success story with you.  Your method blows us away!  I was at your workshop a couple weekends ago in Foster City.  And I started working with my newly three-year-old, Charlie, the very next day on your personal book method. He mastered the first one so quickly that I’ve already made him a second book! You have made an amazing impact, and I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world.  It has already made a huge positive difference for all of us!”

-D.F., California

“My kids (K through 2nd) are learning so much faster now. I had kids I had almost given up on for learning sight words. It just wasn’t sinking in, after a year and a half of trying to teach them any sight words. After attending your workshop, I made the flash cards large, in red, flashed them quickly like you showed us, and used your program. In a month and a half, every one of the kids learned 15 sight words. It’s amazing. This is an incredible, incredible program.”

 -L.L., Special Educator, Oklahoma

“After no significant success with other programs for my son with Down syndrome, my ‘last ditch’ was to attend Natalie Hale’s workshop hosted by the Down Syndrome Connection. Three small tips made a world of difference, and after two weeks, Liam began to read. And I mean REALLY read! I would like to say a big thank you to Natalie Hale for helping me discover the keys to unlocking Liam’s ability to learn to read.”

 -L.H., California

“I’m a Special Ed teacher, and I recently attended your seminar in New York. I returned to work determined to give your method a try. I explained to my colleagues that I would begin teaching sight words with no picture cues, using Fast Flash and your method. ‘Yeah, right,’ they said. ‘Like that’s going to work.” Now, months later, they’re looking at my students’ progress and saying, ‘Wow! This really works!'”

 -R.R., New York

“We feel so grateful to you…your seminar was so inspiring! My son (6, Down syndrome) is reading better every day. He started Kindergarten today and had a wonderful day. His teachers were so happy with him! Thank you again!! Your work is so important–and you have given us so much hope. My son’s eyes light up when he reads…he is so proud! Thank you!”

 -M.R., Rhode Island

“Your presentation in Allentown was wonderful, informative, and very encouraging. Thank you so much!”

 -S.K., Pennsylvania