“Down Syndrome Parenting 101” Testimonials

down-syndrome-parenting-101“Amazing resource! This is, by far, the best, most helpful book I have read on Down syndrome. And I’ve read a fair number. I originally found this book at the library and before I was finished reading it, I purchased a copy for my family and one for my daughter’s school.

I’ve always known that my daughter, Mia, (7) is special beyond the ways in which people with Down syndrome are referred to as “special.” Natalie Hale does an outstanding job articulating this specialness and the stories she shares in this book are absolutely priceless.

The other thing I’ve always known about my daughter is that she’s smart and I have always felt that somebody somewhere would be able to help us tap into her innate intelligence. I feel sure Natalie is onto something with her approach to reading and I’m very excited to try it with Mia.

There’s no question in my mind that people with Down syndrome have a great deal to teach those of us whose lives they touch. Down Syndrome Parenting 101 enriched my perspective on these lessons and gifts in a profound way. This book is a treasure. I’m grateful to have found it.”
‐L.J., Amazon.com

“I just finished reading your book for the first time. I love it and plan on reading it again. However, I will have to wait my turn, because my husband wants to read it too! Thank you so much for writing what you wrote! It was EXACTLY what I needed. I could write a novel of ‘thank you’s and gratitudes to you, but I’ll just say THANK YOU!”

“Best Down Syndrome book ever. After reading this book, I know children with Down Syndrome are: adorable, beautiful, clever, easy going, helpful, tender loving, brave, delightful, gentle, powerful, thankful, kind, strong, silly, sharp, smart children. I have better understanding of my child. This book has many heart-warming and funny stories about the author’s son and her students. I fall in love with my child/all the children with Down syndrome all over again. Note: New Parents with Down syndrome ‐You should read this book first. You will thank her for all the great advices. I do.”
‐B.C., Amazon.com

“Best book for new parents out there! I LOVE THIS BOOK!! When our precious daughter was born and diagnosed with Down syndrome (Ds) almost a year ago, I began to read as much as I could to be the best mommy I could possibly be for her. I read books introducing us to the world of raising a child with Ds (ouch). I read books about physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and fine motor therapy, for infants with Ds (phew). I researched Trisomy 21 more than anything I’ve ever researched, and that’s saying a lot coming from a graduate student in the social sciences!

When I needed breaks from the hard facts and “how-to” resources, my heart turned to numerous biographies of mothers from their first years with their children born with Ds. I cried with them and celebrated their milestones vicariously. I loved every word they wrote, and still do, but found myself wondering if ‐when so many of the authors wrote eloquently about persistent concerns, worries, and emotional stress: were my husband and I fooling ourselves when we celebrated the miracle of our little girl when she was born?

Like a warm hug, this book made me feel at home. Natalie writes not just to inform, but to enthusiastically guide new parents into the extraordinary worlds of our amazing children. It promotes precisely the sort of celebration I feel every day. We are so incredibly blessed to be this wonderful little person’s parents I desperately needed to see someone reflect that experience in the literature. This book was it in spades!!

Everyone grieves after the diagnosis, mostly for the life we thought our child would have, but also out of fear of the unknown. Sometimes it takes a long time to let go of the sadness and fear, sometimes it doesn’t. Every family has their own biography and sound basis for their response to a Ds diagnosis, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t use more tools our toolbox to help us see our children for the profound gifts that they are sooner!

I recommend this book VERY highly for parents who may find themselves struggling with a Ds diagnosis, or for anyone who loves someone with Down syndrome. It’s such a delightful read and beautifully illustrates what we all might learn from these astounding individuals :)”
‐J.M., Amazon.com

“One of my favorite books of all time is ‘Down Syndrome Parenting 101’ by Natalie Hale, who, luckily for us, is one of our speakers at this conference!! Just for fun I counted how many times I’ve purchased this book – 13. I buy it and hand it out; it’s just so darn good. I have a notebook of books I’ve read where I note insightful sentences. I had to write out 5 pages of notes from Natalie’s book. Pages 7, 15, 27, 31, 34, 41, 52, 57, 61, 63, 66, 77, 82, 88, 106, 142, 172, 181, etc. There is some very valuable information on ‘Self Talk’ and on ‘Flop and Drop’ in her book. But here’s the sentence that made me stop in my tracks, from page 57: ‘At some point, parents of little humans with Down syndrome reach a humbling realization: our children can see, sense, do, and know things that we can’t.’”
‐C.P., Canada

“I’ve read them all but this one is GREAT! My lovely daughter Lilya (who has Down Syndrome) is now 5 years old. From day one I read many many books that were available concerning Down Syndrome. Many were good, but this book is a GEM. It is grounding, uplifting, funny, serious and SMART! It reminds us about the essentials of life ‐to recognize and to remember to appreciate the gifts life give us. I heartily (no pun intended!) recommend this book to new and seasoned parents of children with Down syndrome. It is uplifting and encouraging to new parents and puts the seasoned parents (with busy life schedules) “back on track” to what life is about. And BRAVO to Ms. Hale for making writing seem so easy! And ‐just for the record ‐I found this book on Amazon and was reluctant to buy it as I’ve read so many already… but so glad I got it! Thank you Ms. Hale! Warm regards to you and your family!”
‐M.W.W., Amazon.com

“This is THE BEST book! I bought it for the grandparents and my sons teachers. It is an “ah ha” moment for families and care takers and educators of kids with Down syndrome. Thank you Natalie. xx”
‐Christine, Amazon.com

“Down Syndrome Parenting 101 is the book I’ve been waiting for for the past 7 years. Natalie Hale takes the reality of raising a child with Down syndrome ‐and all the joy and challenges it presents ‐and offers sound, tested advice on how to make changes, all for the better, for your family. And she does it all in simple language with a much-needed, hearty dose of humor (which we ALL need). I love her views on the “auras” of our children, and how as much as we teach them, they are teachers of us and everyone in their lives. After discarding all other parenting books I owned (because they didn’t mean much for a child with Down syndrome), this is one I will go back to again and again, for the sage advice, and for a good laugh.”
‐A.K.P., CA

“Thanks again for putting these life lessons down on paper so mommies like me can reference back when needed and know they are not alone on our mission to unbutton all of those buttons on those lil’ yellow raincoats! Thank you from all of us! Thank you for your already given advice and all the advice that’s yet to come in my 101 ‘Guide’! Happy day to you, Natalie!”
‐C.L., Facebook

“My daughter is 29, and I purchased this book because we’ve been experiencing our first, quasi-consistent battle-of-wills over going to bed in the evening. This turn of events been difficult, even heart-breaking for me because Jess and I have had a healthy respect for each other for nearly 3 decades. I didn’t know what to do, so I resorted to this book, with honestly, little hope for an answer. I haven’t even gotten to the chapter on non-compliance yet, but I can tell you, I already feel so comforted, so affirmed and so not-alone as the single-working-mother I’ve been for most of her life.

Natalie’s book will make you laugh out loud (a lot), touch your heart (even more) and gently open a pathway for even deeper connection with the exquisitely beautiful being that was the inspiration for you to be reading this book in the first place.

Buy this book! You won’t be disappointed, I promise. It is rich with resources and love and support ‐no matter how old or young your loved one with Down syndrome is.”
‐K.D., Amazon.com

“I loved this book. Loved it. It made me laugh. It made me cry. I couldn’t put it down. And I don’t even have a child with Down syndrome. But I am a body therapist‐a Core Synchronism Practitioner‐and among my clients, I have adults with Down syndrome. I bought this book so I could have a deeper understanding of these amazing individuals. I was not disappointed and I have recommended Down Syndrome Parenting 101 to several clients and other body therapists. Ms. Hale, all I can say is thank you and a job well done.”
‐Jewel, Amazon.com

“I am reading your book for the third time. Inspiring. Encouraging! And hopeful. I have a two year old with Down syndrome, and he is everything you describe in your book. Thank you!”
‐K.M., Facebook

“Reading this book had me laughing out loud, and moved to tears. I learned a lot about best practices for interacting with those with Down syndrome, and how to support their families. As an Occupational Therapist, I recommend this book to family members and therapists striving to bring out the best in their loved one or client with Down syndrome. All readers will be empowered with a positive attitude, needed skills, and a great compendium of resources for obtaining additional information. I work with older adults with Down syndrome so I have seen what can happen when this information is not known and applied. Please read this book!”
‐R.H., Amazon.com

“This book has been amazingly helpful to me as a new DS parent!”
‐G.B., Amazon.com “I am enjoying ‘Down Syndrome Parenting 101’. A gift to our family from our local organization, the book arrived in the mail at a time in which I most needed your wisdom. I will spare you the details 🙂 Thank you for the work you have done and the work you continue to do!”
‐G.F., MA

“I got to read 2 chapters from my ‘good book’ while I waited today!! I’m getting there now, about ¾ the way read!! I’m excited as I delve deeper into the words on the page, as they have begun creating pictures for me—and sometimes the then-seemingly-impossible seems doable!! I’m sure to find a way to break through to my angel-pie now!! Fingers crossed!”

“Thank you! Excellent book for people that have children with special needs.”
‐Lightcruiser, Amazon.com

“Fantastic information and support on how to support our child the best we can through her challenges and how to support each other.”
‐K.C., Amazon.com

“This is one of the best books on Parenting a DS child that I’ve read. She gives [a lot of] great information and tips. Would highly recommend this book to anyone who has one of these wonderful blessings in their lives.”
‐CuriousReader, Amazon.com

“As a brand new mum, and my little girl diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth, this was the perfect book to start me on my journey!”
‐Raylene, Amazon.com

“This book is excellent. A great intro in the world of Down syndrome.”
‐E.L.B., Amazon.com

“More important then anything with this book it was help. There aren’t many books out there that really help understanding and hearing from another parent that raised the child with Down syndrome, especially one that stepped out of the box and help others help their children to learn and read.”
‐Garhoe, Amazon.com

“Terrifically-written book for both ‘new’ parents, and those who have been on the journey for a while. Natalie gives practical advice in easily-read shorter chapters (for us time-challenged parents), in a no-nonsense style. Highly recommended for all ages.”
‐Karenjp62, Amazon.com

“Great book! I loved this book. It was humorous, helpful and practical. Natalie gives great advice on behavior, school choices and how to navigate the medical world. She also reminded me of the many, many reasons why children with DS are so wonderful!! Fabulous!”
‐Aidan’s mom, Amazon.com

“This book is both entertaining and informative; realistic yet uplifting. I wish this book had been published when my now 8-year-old daughter was born! It’s a must read for all parents of kids with Down syndrome. If you think you’ve read them all; you haven’t. This is the best one yet!”
‐S.F., Amazon.com

“So far I love the book. I find myself smiling and reminding myself about all of the wonderful things about my daughter and all the fun to come. Always nice to know there are other parents like me and dealing with the same issues too!”
‐S.G., Amazon.com

“This book cuts through the often dry lingo of the professional and speaks to the parent in the refreshing speech of one whose lived the life through and through. Natalie Hale is articulate, insightful, funny, and also humble in her ‘telling her story ‘ with her son Jonathan, and in giving thoughtful guidance to the reader. I strongly recommend this book to both parents of individuals with disabilities, and also the professionals who work with individuals with disabilities.”
‐R.S., Amazon.com