“I want to tell you how wonderful your presentation in Oklahoma City was. Frankly, I made the trip because teachers were being offered a $40 stipend for attending. If I had known how wonderful it was going to be, I would have given up my whole day for nothing.

“My kids (K through 2nd) are learning so much faster now. I had kids I had almost given up on for learning sight words. It just wasn’t sinking in, after a year and a half of trying to teach them any sight words. After attending your workshop, I made the flash cards large, in red, flashed them quickly like you showed us, and used your program. In a month and a half, every one of the kids learned 15 sight words. It’s amazing.

“As you taught us, I do Brain Gym with the children right before doing the Special Reads program. It makes a difference But what’s done the trick is the program itself. And the children love their “Own” classroom-made books, which I make as you suggested. Some of these children have never had a book of their own, and they “Ooooh” and “Ahhhh” over them and are so excited to take them home after they’ve learned them. In addition to the new vocabulary they learn in the books, they’re excited to recognize their previous sight words: “There’s one of my words!”

“This is an incredible, incredible program.”

—L.L., Special Educator, OK

“My name is Barbara and I have been a teacher of pre-schoolers with Down syndrome for 29 years. I am always looking for programs that would help me help my children achieve their potential. A few years ago I was looking for a reading program that would WORK.  My friend suggested I look at ‘Special Reads’. I spoke with Natalie Hale on a conference call and decided to give it a try.

“I now have 5-year-olds moving up to the next educational level READING!!!! They are confident and excited about reading. That’s about all you can ask!!

“I just experienced a workshop in New Jersey with Natalie Hale presenting, and learned how to hone the program.  She offered ideas and techniques that will aid me in offering my children a more exciting program, more individualized, and with techniques that I was not quite performing in the correct way.

“I would like to suggest that anyone using the program use the conference call that Natalie offers, but do anything in your power to get to a LIVE workshop. Natalie’s enthusiasm is contagious and suggestions invaluable.”

—B.A., Special Educator, NJ

“I have been working with 8-year-old J. (DS and nonverbal) for 6 months and have made no progress whatsoever in that time. And THEN I found your website. Today I repeated Fast Flash with her AND introduced her first handmade book. Guess what? She wouldn’t let go of it! Her eyes were glued to it (I’m usually struggling to keep her attention). In fact, she wouldn’t leave my room when it was time to go. That’s NEVER happened before. Her 1:1 had to entice her with a special activity just to get her to move on with the day and let go of her new book. It was the MOST exciting day of the whole year with her for me, and I have you to thank. Now instead of dreading my time with her because I never knew what to do, I can’t wait until I see her next and we get to read her new book and words together! I have 3 more books in the works. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
—D.D., MA

“I used your ‘Sandwich Method’ this week with my students. I am utterly amazed with how well it worked for them and how proud of themselves they were! Thank you!!”

—A.H., ND

“I can’t imagine anyone who works with your materials not being thrilled with them. My students love them.”

—D.O., Speech Language Pathologist, OH

“I’m a Special Ed teacher, and I recently attended your seminar in New York. I returned to work determined to give your method a try. I explained to my colleagues that I would begin teaching sight words with no picture cues, using Fast Flash and your method. ‘Yeah, right,’ they said. ‘Like that’s going to work.” Now, months later, they’re saying, ‘Wow! This really works!'”

—R.R. Special Educator, NY

“I used your ‘Macaroni and Baloney’ in my high school class. It worked great, is so ‘hip’ and cool, and the concept is right on target. I also used one of your books at home with my 3-year-old son, and he loved it. He learned some of the words right away, and called out the words as we flashed the cards. My wife was so impressed!”

—L.G., Special Educator, OH

“Ever since I read your ‘Spaghetti!’ book to my kindergarten class, they keep getting the book off the shelf and laugh and laugh at the pictures and the ‘thoughts’ every time!”

—S.H., Educator, OH

“Thanks for such ingenious products.”

—D.B., GA

“I was just at the AET Convention in California and bought your Pre-Primer CD-ROM.  I showed it to a first grade student today who loved it! The clarity and simplicity and repetition are perfect for reinforcing basic words. I would like to order the rest of the series.”

—S.M., IL

“I am so excited about the training I received at this specialist training. I started using it with the preschool aged children in my [special ed] class, and some of them are reading words now. I will be sharing what I learned at an in service soon. Thank you for all you do!”

—B.E., Special Educator, TN