Workshop Testimonials

“It was a GREAT conference! The evaluations were glowing! I have already heard of two stories of participants using this on the children in the classroom and they love it. One is a teacher at the ‘state school’, where the school district (with parent consent) will send the most severe children to school. Most of the time they do not even have ‘academic goals’. They have begun using this program on two students and are very excited and hopeful. The other story is from my son’s classroom. Two little girls there with Down syndrome are unable to sit still for a second. The teachers reported yesterday that they used the ‘Fast Flash’ method and they were amazed at how it held their attention. GREAT stuff! I am so glad that we are able to help these students. That is what it is all about –making a difference one child at a time. Thanks again for everything! This project has been GREAT.”

L.N., MO

“I was in your workshop this past weekend in Oklahoma, and want to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU! I learned so much!! I came home and quickly made our first book and was reading it to my daughter by the end of the night. She’s having fun and loving it! I feel empowered as a mom taking charge of her learning. Looking forward to getting our kit in the mail! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

–S.R., OK

“It was WONDERFUL getting to hear you speak in Princeton NJ yesterday. I can’t wait to order your Pre-Primer materials and start working with my two year old. We are starting the Brain Gym exercises this morning. I feel very inspired! Thank you!!!”

–L.S., NJ

“If you are going to the NDSC Conference, don’t miss Natalie’s workshop! She is fantastic. We brought her to OKC for a workshop a few years ago. Awesome lady!!!”

–L.W., OK

“What an excellent and very informative session in Memphis! Natalie Hale is brilliant! She is enthusiastic, kind, and good-natured, and provided very effective and applicable strategies. I also loved the interactive and creative task of narrating our own personal books.”

–S.E., TN

“After attending Natalie Hale’s seminar on how to help your child with Down syndrome learn to read, I’m so happy I got started with our 3 & ½ year old! She knows 4 out of 7 words now. Thank you to the ‘21 Club’ for hosting Natalie!”

–K.C., NY

“Thanks for coming, Natalie! I attended both of your workshops in Edmonton and learned so much! We need a full two days with you, though. You have so much more to share! I downloaded your book last night and I’m sitting here with my coffee and your notes this morning. I am determined to put all of these strategies into practice!”

–K.D., Canada

“I attended your seminar in Louisville sponsored by Down Syndrome of Louisville –I really enjoyed your presentation. After hearing you speak I tried homemade flashcards with my 3 & 1/2 year old with DS and after 2 quick sessions he recognized 2 words!!”

–T.M., KY

“Your presentation in Allentown was wonderful, informative, and very encouraging. Thank you so much!”

– S.K., PA

“I am so excited about the training I received at this specialist training. I started using it with the preschool aged children in my (special ed) class, and some of them are reading words now. I will be sharing what I learned at an in service soon. Thank you for all you do!”

–B.E., TN

“I was just at the Educational Therapists Convention in California and bought your Pre-Primer CD-ROM.  I showed it to a first grade student today who loved it! The clarity and simplicity and repetition are perfect for reinforcing basic words. I would like to order the rest of the series as soon as they’re ready.”

– S.M., IL

“Of all the sessions I attended at our National Conference, yours was my favorite. I was able to go home and put some of your ideas to work right away.”

–J.T., OK