VIDEO CONSULTS with NATALIE for One-on-One Advice

Immediate help is available through video consults with Natalie. She has met screen-to-screen with parents and educators around the globe. This real-time meeting is invaluable for getting the advice you need for your particular learner and situation.

As both a parent (Jonathan, 34, Down syndrome) and a teacher, Natalie knows first-hand the many challenges of teaching a child challenged not only cognitively by Down syndrome, Autism, PDD, etc., but challenged behaviorally as well. Reading advice works best when all dynamics are taken into account, including the time and energy limitations of both learner and parent!

You’ll be able to get advice based on your learner’s age, ability, strengths and challenges. You’ll be able to tell Natalie what has/hasn’t worked for your child, what your current frustrations are, and what your reading goals are.

If your child, teen, or adult has been struggling with reading, you’ll be able to change the direction and pace of learning through the fine-tuning of a personal consultation. Reading success is our only goal at Special Reads, and we’re here to help.

When you add this item to your cart, one hour will automatically be added to your cart. After checkout, Natalie will contact you to arrange a consult time that works for everyone’s schedule. She is happy to include more than one screen in the consult; if you’d like to include other family members or your child’s teacher, all are welcome and can be linked in.

$75 an hour