VIDEO CONSULTS with NATALIE for One-on-One Advice

Immediate help is available through video consults with Natalie. She has met screen-to-screen with parents and educators around the globe. This real-time meeting is invaluable for getting the advice you need for your particular learner and situation.

The consult will last one hour, and is divided into two sections:

(1) After setting up a time that works for your schedule, Natalie will ask you to send her one or two short videos (2-3 minutes) of you working with your child. Before meeting with you, she will take time to study your videos and create feedback notes that she’ll later give you as a PDF. She will spend 10-15 minutes studying both you and your child in your “teaching/learning mode.”

(2) At the agreed-on time, your screen-to-screen consult will last approximately 45-50 minutes, finishing out the 1 hour.

Experience has shown that the short videos you send will provide Natalie with invaluable insight into your situation. With that information, she can give you the advice you need to maximize both your effectiveness and your child’s success.

As both an educator and a parent (Jonathan, 34, Down syndrome), Natalie knows first-hand the many challenges of teaching reading when Down syndrome, Autism, PDD, etc., are in the mix.

If your child, teen, or adult has been struggling with reading, you’ll be able to change the direction and pace of learning through the fine-tuning you’ll get in a personal consultation.

When needed, Natalie is happy to include more than one screen in the consult; if you’d like to include other family members or your child’s teacher or school staff, all are welcome and can be linked in.

$125 for the hour.