I Want Pizza! – Book and CD Set


What happens when a child wants to eat pizza morning, noon, and night? This easy reader teaches more than reading!

This is one of the engaging picture books included in our Down syndrome reading program. For those who want to purchase it separately, we are happy to give this option.


* Ideal for use in Inclusive Classrooms, Homeschooling, and for Speech and Language Development. Especially effective for teaching children with Down Syndrome, Autism, ASD, PDD, ADD, and ADHD.

For Mac Users:

The CD contains PDF files you can use to print flash cards for words found in the book.

For PC Users:

* The interactive CD-Rom includes an electronic version of the book as well as both on-computer activities and off-computer activities, with plenty of auditory feedback. Software includes printable flash cards (as PDF files.)

* On-computer activities include: extra visual practice (matching words to pictures) and auditory practice (hearing the word and selecting the correct word), with encouraging sounds for correct choices.

* Off-computer activities include printouts for games matching pictures and words; additional large flash cards can also be printed as an extra set for matching tests.

Appropriate for: Emergent Readers (non-readers or beginning readers).

I LIke Pizza Sample Pages

What Our customers say …
“Thanks for such ingenious products.”
-D.B., Georgia

“We LOVE these books! My son, just turned 7, has Down syndrome, and we homeschool. He has learned all of the words in the three books we have, and enjoys reading them to me so much. Thank you very much for such wonderful products.”
-J.L., New Hampshire