“From Sweden with Love”…George and Mom reading one of his personal books in Swedish.

This week was a bit unusual as far as giving personal consults goes: I met with one mom in Sweden as well as a mom and dad in New Zealand. Typically, my consults stay a bit more stateside! But with technology, there are no limits.

I realize that many parents don’t know I offer this service, so I’m letting you know! It’s right on my website, here. Once you put a “Personal Consult” in your cart and check out, I email you and we set up an hour that works for your schedule. Then we meet screen-to-screen in real time. (I use Zoom and send you a URL ahead of time.)

After doing this for many years, I found a formula for meeting that works really well: our consult is in two parts.

FIRST, I ask you to send me 2 or 3 very short videos (2-3 minutes) of you working with your child, teaching reading. This gives me valuable information I’ll use to give you feedback and a reading plan for your child. I view the videos and take notes which I’ll give you a copy of later.

The SECOND part is our screen-to-screen time when I answer your questions and give you a reading plan specifically for your child.

I’d love to meet with you…follow this link and read more about getting a personal consult!

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