Tuesday Topic: Artist Karishma, with DS, raises $38K for Kids with Disabilities

“Miracle” Creates Just That!imgres

Imagine being named Karishma, which translates as “Miracle” in Hindi, and then just about living up to that name. Karishma Kannan is 22 years old and has Down syndrome. She is also an artist who, through the sales of her paintings, has raised over $37,000 USD for Vietnamese children with disabilities. Imagine such a “Miracle!”

Karishma was born in India and moved to Vietnam in 2008 when her father took a job there. She attended the Gia Dinh School for Children with Special Needs in Binh Thanh district, and now gives back by making that school one of her beneficiaries. Imagine.

Karishma began studying art only a few years ago. Who says children with Down syndrome “plateau”?!?! Not on your life. Karishma had not studied art until she turned 18, and I have read many articles about late bloomers with DS. Our kids are full of surprises, at age 5, 15, 25, 35, and beyond.


“You can, I can, we can.”

I love this excerpt from an article in VietnamNet:

“Her parents, Kalpana and Hariharan Kannan, were moved and amazed to see their daughter blossom overnight from a restless child to one focusing intently on creating one painting after another, inspired by everything she saw around her.

“To take the work of their daughter a step further, the parents have launched an official website to share their experiences of taking care a daughter with special needs, and to show others the potential that is there in everyone.

“Karishma and her parents have a simple, direct message to impart, which they chose as the title for the previous exhibition of her works: ‘You can, I can, we can.'”


Visit Karishma’s web site, and while you’re there, check out her “Charities Supported” page. OMG. Enough said.

You Can, I Can, We Can-





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