Tim Harris at his Restaurant, "Tim's Place"

Tim Harris at his Restaurant,
“Tim’s Place”

Essential Reading!

I wouldn’t blog again on a previous topic unless it was essential reading, and this one is. In fact, I think it’s beyond essential for every parent of an individual with Down syndrome. Turns out that there is much more to Tim’s dream than just “Tim’s Place,” his popular restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico (it was nearly full when I had lunch there). I just found this interview with Tim online:

Tim Harris on living with Down syndrome: “I call it born to be awesome!”

Here’s the link to Tim’s Interview on the “Interviews That Matter” website. Take a peek inside the interview:

ITM: How many hugs have you given out? Is there any hug in particular that you remember?

TH: I have given out almost 42,000 hugs! I’ve given so many I don’t remember any one in particular. There are all kinds of hugs like first time customer hugs, side hugs, little around the world virtual hugs, little kids hugs, and I have a special tender hug for people that are sad. Sometimes I cry with them.

ITM: Which kind of all the types of hugs is your favorite?

TH: I love the soft, teddy bear kind of hug.  The tender hugs are my specialty…I never get tired of giving hugs – I recharge my hugging machine every night!

ITM: Do people come for the hugs or the food?

TH: Both! But sometimes people have come in just for the hugs. A group of travelers from Oklahoma called and placed an order for 47 hugs at 6:45 in the morning! They did get some cookies to go, though.

Now, if that doesn’t inspire you to jump on the link, then you need a well-deserved nap, because you’re waaaaaay too tired!

Enjoy…this is one you’re going to want to share!




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  • Johan

    Hi! I wish I too could actually visit Tim’s Place. It was fun doing this interview with him, though, and thanks for the link 🙂

    • Natalie Hale

      You did a great job with the interview, Johan! Nice to “meet” you online. Your interview really communicated the warmth and spirit that Tim exudes. What a great attitude. Thanks again for doing a super interview.